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Sauna & Jacuzzi

F & D’s Salon welcomes the arrival of the infrared sauna and pressure point Jacuzzi system. Although this facility has only been up and running for a short period of time, it proving to be extremly popular with our clients.

Medicos Infrared Sauna
Doctors, medical sientists and institutes from around the world have reported about the amazing healing results achieved by using the infrared sauna.

The infrared sauna is recommended for all ages and is proved to aid problems such as stress, fatigue, sleeplessness, depression, high blood pressure, asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, arthritis, back pain, sports injuries and dermatological problems, e.g. eczema, psoriasis, etc. It combats cellulite and helps lose weight effectively. It burns 900 – 2400 calories in only a 30 minute session, so it is a safe, fast and easy way to lose weight.

The Canadian Spa Jacuzzi
This pressure point jaczzi system is unique to this area and ahs received raving reviews from all who have tried it.

This pressure point system has gained a tremendous reputation for helping to relieve pain, stress and tension. It also delivers warm soothing water to the important pressure points in the body.

The Jacuzzi has been proved to aid arthritis. The warm water and hydrotherapy in the Jacuzzi allow greater range of motion in the joints. Pain is often reduced even after leaving the spa. It aids sleep the warm, swirling water reduces stress and helps you get a better night’s sleep. The Canadian Spa Jacuzzi also relieves pain thus relaxing the muscles and allowing more blood flow.


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